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Restore your natural good looks & self confidence.

L’Elite MediSpa on Long Island offers you a full line of medical aesthetics. Schedule a Botox treatment, IV Vitamin Infusion session, laser hair removal, PRP hair restoration or a full line of facials.  All treatments are performed exclusively by licensed Registered Nurses and Estheticians.

IV Vitamin Infusion | B12 Injections
Replenish your body’s vitamins & nutrients


IV Vitamin Infusions quickly rehydrate and replenish loads of vital nutrients you lose every day – restoring your body to its peak performance. Gain fast relief, energy and stamina. Each vitamin “cocktail” gives you immediate results from the effects of common conditions such as seasonal allergies, fatigue, hangovers, common colds, jet-lag, exhaustive exercise, or prolonged sun exposure. You need this. Book your session now.

At the Forefront of Skincare

With a wide variety of practices including botox/dermal fillers, IV Vitamin Infusions, laser treatments, electrolysis, facials, acne treatment, platelet rich plasma hair restoration, and waxing, we are able to offer you the best services.

Flexible Scheduling

Same Day Appointments

We offer flexible, convenient appointments that you can book yourself. Look and feel your best sooner than later. Schedule now!

Professionally Trained


Our team is comprised of licensed professionals that have decades of experience, knowledge and passion.

We Use the Best

State of the Art Equipment

Our medispa studio is equipped with state-of-the art technology, helping you release, renew and reinvigorate the right way.

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At L’Elite MediSpa we practice medical procedures for skincare, carried out by licensed medical personnel. Getting a medical procedure done can seem daunting, we do our very best to provide top tier services along with the comfort of a spa.


Once you enter for your service you will be met by a calm, soothing, and friendly atmosphere, making you forget you are even in a medical space.  Which is very different from your traditional medical practice. We want you to feel great..

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