Teeth Whitening

Let your confidence shine. Get a brighter, whiter, and healthier smile—fast. Professional teeth whitening is now available at L’Elite MediSpa!

L’Elite MediSpa has a professional teeth whitening system that allows you to skip the costly and time-consuming dental office visits. L’Elite MediSpa uses an FDA approved, professional teeth whitening solution formulated to deliver superior results, fast. Brighten your smile at least three shades after just one 20-minute session. Some clients have even experienced up to eight shades of lightening after only one treatment!

Safe and Effective

Formulated for even the most sensitive teeth and gums, L’Elite MediSpa uses a non-abrasive whitening solution that does not cause damage to the enamel. The active ingredient works to oxidize and neutralize the staining on your teeth for longer-lasting, brighter-white results. We use only the safest and most effective ingredients on the market backed by more than a decade of industry research. This ensures a pain-free and exceptional whitening experience.

The Whitening Experience

Executed by our highly trained and licensed staff, this effective whitening treatment is completed in just 20 minutes.

After your teeth have been cleaned and prepped, the whitening solution will be applied to your teeth using a gel mouthpiece. You will insert and bite down on the mouthpiece while a blue LED light ensures the whitening solution is activated. The blue light does not emit heat or UV rays, so you will not be uncomfortable or burned during the procedure.

The whitening solution enters your enamel and safely lifts the stains and whitens your teeth. Once the blue LED light session is complete, you will discard the mouthpiece, remove any excess gel and rinse. Now enjoy your new whiter smile, up to eight shades brighter.

Enhance and Save

Enhance your whitening experience with a take-home whitening pen kit. The kit includes one Whitening Pen and one Enamel Booster pen. The whitening pen uses the same whitening solution in an easy-to-apply pen, while the enamel booster ensures a stronger and healthier smile. Use the pens daily to maintain your bright white smile after treatment.

The whitening pen kit is FREE with the purchase of an in-spa whitening treatment. The promotional package is available now, for just $75.

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