Electrolysis Huntington

Whether it’s simply the inconvenience of an extra step in one’s daily routine or a general desire for permanently smooth skin, people have been looking for hair removal solutions for decades. In fact, electrolysis was first invented in 1875. Since then, the hair removal technology has made some major advancements, and electrolysis is now the only permanent hair removal treatment approved by the FDA. It is for this reason, L’Elite Medi Spa located in both Huntington, NY and NYC is proud to offer our patients Electrolysis!

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is an advanced laser hair removal technique that painlessly & permanently stops unwanted hair growth with chemical and heat energy. Unlike many non-surgical cosmetic procedures, electrolysis isn’t too complicated a concept to grasp. A very fine probe transmits an electrical current into the hair follicle, destroying the body’s mechanisms therein which case hair production. Technological advancements allow professionals to control the electrical current emitted to a very high degree. There are several electrolysis modalities: Galvanic electrolysis (a chemical process produced by the electrical current), Thermolysis (destroys hair growth cells with heat), and a blend which combines both of these methods

What is Treatment in Huntington Like?

During treatment, the electrologist inserts a fine probe into each individual hair follicle of the treatment area and removes the hair with tweezers. The growth center of the hair is destroyed with chemical and heat energy. Electrolysis treatments can be performed on any parts of the body where hair growth may not be desired. The most common treatment area are the face, upper lip, chin, eyebrows, bikini line, breasts, abdomen and legs.

Electrolysis will generally feel like a pinch, but the degree to which subjects feel this depends on where the treatment is occurring, as some areas of the body are obviously more sensitive than others. The treatments can be given (and will be effective) on almost any part of the body. The number of treatments necessary to clear an area of all hair also depends on the area of the body, as well as the density of hair and growth cycles. Generally, subjects can expect to undergo 8-12 treatments. For large areas, an individual treatment will take somewhere in the neighborhood of one hour.

Electrolysis a popular hair removal solution for men and women alike. For women, the most common treatment areas are highly visible areas like the face and chest, as well as bikini lines and underarms. For men, the most common treatment areas are on the abdomen, back, and brows/cheeks. Problem areas are variable depending on the individual, so treatment plans are entirely customizable.

What is After Care like?

Immediately after treatment, patients can expect some light redness and discomfort, but this should be gone after a few hours. For 24 hours, any kind of activity that could put a strain on or irritate the follicles should be avoided, this could include sweating, tanning, or wearing makeup. It’s also cautioned that while shaving between treatments is okay, subjects should never tweeze hair they’re trying to eliminate while in the process of undergoing electrolysis.

Book Your Consultation!

Given the fact that this technology has had more than a century to develop, it’s no surprise that electrolysis is easy to come by as well as safe and effective. An electrolysis process begins with the consultation. A consultation will help give an idea of just how long the electrolysis journey will take.

For those fed up with the upkeep associated with eliminating unwanted body hair at home, electrolysis is a safe, tried and true solution for permanent hair removal. Contact us today or stop by L’Elite Medi Spa in Huntington, NY and NYC to learn more about what Electrolysis can do for you.

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